[Top 11 FAQ] Belt Grinder or Belt Sander For Knife Making

What is the best belt sander for knife making?

best beginner belt sander for knife making

Choosing the best belt sander for knife making relies on some facts. The best belt sander must have heavy-duty motor size, speed, variable speed, and more. All in all, you have to consider the outside of the belt size and also contact an abrasive specialist. There are tons of options on the best belt sander, among them-
● Bucktool Combo 2″ x 42″ Belt Sander and 6″ Bench Grinder- best value
● WEN 6515T 1×30 Belt Sander with 5-inch Sanding Disc-best rated
● Work Sharp WSKTS-KO-W Knife & Tool Sharpener- best sharpening knife tool.
● WEN 6502 T 4.3-Amp 4×36-in Belt and 6-in Disc Sander- Best budget-friendly
● RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5″ Disc- best guaranteed

Can you sharpen a knife with a belt sander?

Yes, you can sharpen a knife with a belt sander. Indeed, a belt sander is usually a vital tool to make a knife. But you may not buy any knife that isn’t sharp enough to give its best performance. Moreover, there you find plenty of options that are used for making a knife and sharpening it. The term of sharpening a knife always requires some skills. Otherwise, you won’t make the knife sharp and strong.

When using a belt sander you should never?

Every single part requires some safety issues. This norm is always true for the belt sanding too. When using a belt sander, be aware that you’ve worn the correct safety equipment. Do not forget to wear safety glasses or goggles, as the sanding dust may cause harm to your eyes. Wear the dust mask whenever you’re going to sand any materials with the belt sanders.
Most importantly, when you’re using the belt sander for making a knife, there’s a high chance that a fire spark may be coming out from the welding. So it’s vital to wear safety gloves on your hand unless it may burn. Avoid wearing loose or baggy outfits while working with this sander.

What size belt sander is best for making knives?

For making a wide and sharp knife, measuring its size is really important. It is the primary step before you’re going to use the sander for making knives. If you want to make a professional knife, 2×72″-inches belt grinders are best. It’s because this size acquires the standard knife-making opinion by the vast majority of manufacturers in the U.S.A.
But you can change these requirements if needed. Correspondingly, you must go through the decision of majorities.

Can I use a belt sander for knife making?

Of course, a belt sander is the better option for making a sharp and high-profile knife. Yet, any tool that can shape the steel/carbon material can be used to make a knife. In-depth, there are two methods of making a knife- forging and stock removal. But the simplest way of making this is using a large grinder. Be aware that when you sand the grinder materials, don’t pressurize the edges as it may break the metal pieces. Let it be done and well-furnished with medium pressure. Don’t get it too loose or hard, but give it a lot of effort to make it solid.

What type of grinder is best for knife making?

In terms of making a knife, you should consider the fact of the grinder. The best and quality base grinder will finish the task rapidly. Again, you should keep in mind the 1×30/42 systems or 2×27 systems are great belts. Here’s some of the best grinder to build up a knife.

● Bucktool BG2600 Belt Sander – Best for Overall.
● RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt Sander – It has great value.
● Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander – It is the best premium choice.
● Porter-Cable PCB420SA Belt Sander- best reviewed
● Jet Tools J-4002 Bench Belt and the Disc Sander.
● Grizzly Industrial H6070 Disc Combo Sander.

Do you need a belt grinder for knife making?

A belt grinder can also be used for making a knife. But there you need to choose the best one. Unless all your efforts may go in vain. Many experts agree that choosing the right size belt grinder for making a knife is crucial. It’s because you can avoid any sorts of mistakes by this. So always give before the belt grinder that is 2×42 in sizes. It is well-manufactured with a 6″ inches sander on the sides. All in all, they’re also good for woodworking in the market. Plus, these sizes’ grinder is highly demanded by hobbyists, knife makers, and beginners.

Can you make a knife with a belt sander?

Can you make a knife with a belt sander

Making a knife with the help of a belt sander is easy and handy. Any sort of belt sander with a flat plate is good to sharpen edges more nicely. Moreover, they will remove or cut off the metal much faster than any other hand tool. Belt sander usually has some disadvantages.
It is often very lightly made and available in various sizes, materials. And the motor will be prone to excessive heating. For this, you have to touch the motor housing with a bare hand every 20-minutes. Then take a break to cool it down. But the knives are made noticeably hot and solid.

What sanding belts do they use when forged in the fire?

Forged is the second term for making a knife. But if you intend to make a knife, don’t waste your money buying such garbage brands of sanding belts only just as they’re cheap to buy. Anyway, it is really worth it to use red label edge core ceramic belts. Then grind the knife with a 2×72″-inches belt. As an alternative, you can use 36-60 grit to shape the blades of a knife.

What grits for knife grinding?

Knife grinding is the crucial factor in making a bestowed tool. Without grinding the knife’s edges, it’s hard to get the sharpened blade that anyone expected. If you really want to know what types of grit to sand a knife, you must take 50-60 grit. It helps to stand the knife too roughly. In addition, the 1000 grit white stone is good to go for sharpening it also. But making a well-sharpening knife, you need to grit at the starting point. In more aggressive cases, the 36-120 grit is a good progression in this affair.

How do I choose a belt grinder or belt sander?

How do I choose a belt grinder or belt sander for knife making

Choosing the right belt sander is vital if you tend to finish the job successfully. The heavier the task is, the coarser sanding belt you’ll need. In this case, 40-60 grit is well-fitted for the heaviest work. On the other hand, if you’ve to remove the surfaces or reduce the minor blemishes, use the 80-120 grit for this.
Besides, 350-600 grit is ideal for giving the final touch towards the knife corner. It seems that you need to use several grits for making a knife. So we suggest you start with the lower grade grit before going through the larger one unless you may fall into many troubles like scuffs and scratches into the former layer.

Those who don’t want to look around the market for too long can choose one of our top 5 picks.

Belt Sander

Quick Specs


Rank No-1: Best Belt Sander for beginner

Grizzly G1015 knife belt sander buffer review

  • Motor: 1HP

  • Speed: 3600RPM

  • Belt Size: 2x72-inch

  • Warranty: N/A

Rank No-2: Editor’s Choice

Wen belt sander for knife making

  • Motor: 0.3HP

  • Speed: 3450RPM

  • Belt Size: 1x30-inch

  • Warranty: 2-years

Rank No-3: Best value

Rikon 50 151 belt disc sander

  • Motor: 0.3HP

  • Speed: 3450RPM

  • Belt Size: 1x30-inch

  • Warranty: 5-years

Rank No-4: Best Heavy-duty Grinder

HappyBuy 2 in 1 belt grinder for knife making

  • Motor: 0.15HP

  • Speed: 3450RPM

  • Belt Size: 2x72-inch

  • Warranty: N/A

Rank No-5: Most Professional Grinder

Mini Belt Sander Electric Grinder Knife Review

  • Motor: 0.15HP

  • Speed: 4500RPM

  • Belt Size: 2x72-inch

  • Warranty: N/A

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