Best Belt Sander For Beginner Knife Making Reviews (Top Pick In This Year)

Finding the best belt sander for beginner knife making can be challenging? When you are a learner and not sure what, you should look for a sander to shape the looking knife.

On top of that, hundreds and thousands of identical sanders make your purchases tough from the beginning.

Stay with us and set your mind easily with our comprehensive belt sander reviews if that is happening with you.

To slight down the exploration, our experts have piled up a top 5 options list so that you can find the based on your needs quickly.

So, without delay, let’s jump into it!

Quick Overview: Best Belt Sander For Beginner Knife Making– Top 5 Picks In The Market

Belt Sander

Quick Specs


Rank No-1: Best Belt Sander for beginner

Grizzly G1015 knife belt sander buffer review

  • Motor: 1HP

  • Speed: 3600RPM

  • Belt Size: 2x72-inch

  • Warranty: N/A

Rank No-2: Editor’s Choice

Wen belt sander for knife making

  • Motor: 0.3HP

  • Speed: 3450RPM

  • Belt Size: 1x30-inch

  • Warranty: 2-years

Rank No-3: Best value

Rikon 50 151 belt disc sander

  • Motor: 0.3HP

  • Speed: 3450RPM

  • Belt Size: 1x30-inch

  • Warranty: 5-years

Rank No-4: Best Heavy-duty Grinder

HappyBuy 2 in 1 belt grinder for knife making

  • Motor: 0.15HP

  • Speed: 3450RPM

  • Belt Size: 2x72-inch

  • Warranty: N/A

Rank No-5: Most Professional Grinder

Mini Belt Sander Electric Grinder Knife Review

  • Motor: 0.15HP

  • Speed: 4500RPM

  • Belt Size: 2x72-inch

  • Warranty: N/A

Types of Belt Sander for Knifemaking

Buying the best sander for a knife maker is a considerable investment. So, select the perfect one for your needs and must make a good budget. The most significant type takes into consideration the belt size. So, first, learn about the belt size.

Below has different size belt grinder:

  1. 1×30-inch: This type of belt sander is ideal for DIY and light-duty projects.
  2. 1×42-inch: It is also similar to a 1×30-inch sander but different only in price.
  3. 2×42-inch: It is the most popular type of sander that comes with a 6-inches disc. It is an entry-level grinder and right for smaller tasks.
  4. 2×48-inch: This type of grinder includes large size motor that is pretty affordable and perfect for a small workshop.
  5. 4×36-inch: Most hardware stores use this type of grinder. But it is not good for knife making.
  6. 2×72-inch: This machine is ideal for professional knife making.

View Our 5-Best Belt Sander For Knife Making

Best Belt Sander For Beginner Knife Making

It is typical to search for a satisfactory-sized belt with an identical disc sander to assure the needs of the knife sizes you are grinding.

The best sanding belt for knife making will sharpen other tools such as buzz, blades, axes, and gardening trowels. Below described the key features of 5 knife maker belt sander.

Rank No-1: Best Belt Sander For Beginner

#1. Grizzly G1015 – Knife Belt Sander/Buffer

grizzly g1015 knife belt sander buffer review

Q: Is a belt sander worth the money?

A: Yes, this Grizzly belt sander is great value for money for its greater features.

To start, we have selected a sturdy and well-constructed knife sander, Grizzly G1015. It meets all of your needs for making and sharpening your knives.

This is a versatile belt sander knife that performs well for different metal or woodworking functions. It is used on knives, precision any hand tools, and larger household tools.

This Grizzly belt sander for knife making is ideal for beginners who want to start making knives from the beginning level. It is easy to use and will give you the perfect skill for knife making. If you pick it, you can use it for other woodworking projects too.

Notable Features

  • Heavy-duty: It is one of the largest facts with this belt grinder for knife making. This grinder is heavy, and the means of it is that you can’t have to deal with a simply movable grinder. While sanding knives, there has to be stability to exceed the work speed. This sander machine is designed ideally for that reason.
  • Durable: The best belt sander knife sharpening is a heavy-set device built with a cast iron frame and offers excessive durability.
  • Effectiveness: One can enjoy working with this knife-making machine with the greatest belt speed. Thus this sander machine will be effective for professional work and give out ideal projects.
  • Price range: Yes, this Grizzly knife belt sander machine comes with a higher range, undoubtedly expensive. But it includes a lot of exclusive features that most devices don’t contain. There is a straight transfer of drive power and an arbor that fixes more auxiliaries, such as drums, flap, or buffing wheels.

Things we like

  • Durable and sturdy
  • No noise issue
  • better price as machine effectiveness
  • Unconventional design
  • A belt sander is already for instant start

Things we don’t like

  • The motor doesn’t have enough power
  • Heavy and not portable
  • Expensive

Why We Love It

We most like this grinder machine’s durability and higher speed than a professional bladesmith search always. So, if you set it for one time, it will provide you with good services for years that may not be imaginable.

This machine comes with a ball-bearing built, an aluminum roller, and also cast iron body. We suggest this knife grinding belt sander if you are beginning with metalwork and have to gain a little experience.

Rank No-2: Editor’s Choice

#2. Wen 1 x 30-Inch Belt Sander For Knife Making

Best belt sander for beginner knife making

Q: Can you use a 1×30 belt sander for knife making?

A: Yes, you can use this WEN 1×30 belt sander is ideal for knife making.

WEN is the best manufacturer that offers high-quality and reasonable power devices. For the last half-century, they have covered various products like drill presses, miter saw hand tools, and even air compressors. For beginners, WEN introduces with the WEN belt and disc sander at a very reasonable price.

Have a small project that needs a lot of complicated featuring work while this sander machine is the right choice. It is lightweight and portable that can be carried easily and used anywhere for knives making purposes.

It includes the perfect size and easy ergonomic that makes using the machine quite simple for beginners; you can sharpen a knife and work on small details. This sander machine doesn’t come with a disc, but it has an attached belt to place directly, making it minimalistic.

Notable Features

  • Ergonomic: The best cheap belt sander for knife making is perfect for the smaller workbenches, and it can be used for any DIY purposes, and it will save the workstation area. It is very simple and minimal in size.
  • Long-Lasting Belt: The trouble-free equipment includes a single belt for sander purposes, and it is quite easy to install or use. One can buy the belt separately that comes with different grit and variant ranging grit belts.
  • Dust collection system: It doesn’t have a separate dust collection aperture. But if you need it, you can buy a dust vacuum.
  • Higher speed: This sander machine is equipped with a long belt which allows you different tasks easily. Hiked speed will be achieved by using the motor of 220 voltages with RPM.
  • Easy adjustment: In this WEN belt sander machine, the speed of the belt will be tracked with a very simple to use the lever on the installed equipment. There is an option, and on and off switch, to start or stop the device.               

Things we like

  • Powerful motor
  • Durable tracking system
  • Easy replacement belt
  • No, assemble required
  • Quite sound and no vibration

Things we don’t like

  • To rest is the belt weak
  • Fixed belt direction

Why We Love It

Though this knife belt sander is compact, the serious base removes it from vibrating during use. Both the belt and the disc have strong beveling task tables for the workshop.

Rank No-3: Best Value

#3. Rikon 50 151 Belt Disc Sander

Best belt sander for beginner knife making

Q: What is a belt disc sander used for?

A: A Belt disc sander is a multi-use device. They are frequently used for trimming to the scribed line and leveling surfaces.

The RIKON manufacturer is very well-known for manufacturing multiple industrious tabletop machines. And this Rikon 1×30 belt sander is perfect for smaller or larger projects. It is the best features belt and disc sanding, and you can find this additionally made knife grinder at an extremely pocket-friendly price.

Considering the lower price, we were surprised when this 1×30 belt sander for knife making turned out to be the best grinder overall. With this sander, the barrier to knife making is much low, making it simple and affordable for someone to get started.

Despite the reasonable price, this is the best 1×30 belt sander for knife making with high-quality features. It is equipped without a brushless motor that is also most durable, proven by an attractive long-time protecting warranty.

Notable Features

  • Stable base: This belt sander 1×30 allows for the extremely best and effective machine for knife making professionally. It finds full stable support, which keeps everything sturdy during working, and it is really important for knife making.          
  • Easy to use: One of the largest facts which drive this belt sander machine is that this sander device easy to use and pretty comfortable to work with, even by a beginner. The large performance is satisfactory if you plan to use it for any DIY purposes.
  • Best workability: The grinder machine includes table tilting with belt tracing aspects. All of the features make this Rikon belt sander easier at different angles. The backplate is an exclusion that makes the curve grinding a Stock eliminate aspects make the work finishing smoother.

Things we like

  • Premium quality knife making sander
  • Budget-friendly
  • Four adjustable rubber feet
  • One switch action
  • Two dust ports for belt sander and disc sander
  • Safety on or off switch
  • Effective motor

Things we don’t like

  • Fixed belt trend
  • It Maybe slows down during sanding

Why We Love It

The base of the Rikon belt disc sander machine is extremely firm with some rubber feet. So, without shaking off, the belt sander is grinding on the same belt. This machine includes the round working table, which tilts 0 to 435 degrees. The 5-inch disc belt sander has a reliable work table with a few miter gauges.

Rank No-4: Best Heavy-Duty Grinder

#4. HappyBuy 2 in 1 Belt Grinder For Knife Making

Best Heavy-duty Grinder

Q: What kind of grinder do you need for knife making?

A: A 2×72 inches sander machine is the standard feature of the industry.

If you are looking for a knife-grinding belt sander that will give the best result, the Happybuy knife-making belt grinder will be your best friend. This sander is known for its great result, and it gives mirror finishes. For professional results, it is the greatest sander and grinder machine for knife making.

Except for making a great finish knife, this belt and disc bench sander machine is used as stock removal and finishing tool. It comes with a powerful motor and delivers the highest RPM.

It is extremely long-lasting because it is constructed from stainless steel with a strong steel frame that provides an effective belt. Moreover, this machine is stable and pretty quiet.

The belt changing is so simple and pretty easy that you don’t need help from any other machines. Professional contractors mostly want this belt grinder for knife making. So, if you also increase your skill and experience, this is the best sander for you.

Notable Features

  • Perfect mirror finishes:  This machine provides the perfect mirror finishing, and it is also very better at stock removal.
  • Powerful and faster: This electric knife sharpener belt sander features a powerful motor that offers the highest strength that needs to provide effective knife making.
  • Long-lasting: The steel construction made this sander tool more long-lasting, which will offer service for a long time.
  • Less sound: For its steel body, it can’t produce more sound and create less vibration.

Things we like

  • Professional knife grinder sander
  • Mirror-like finishing
  • Less vibration
  • Powerful & fast
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Clip-on sink

Things we don’t like

  • Expensive

Why We Love It

We are happy to include this HappyBuy belt sander in our list of the best sander for knife making. Dust plus debris are regular workings with knife sander or grinder. You can hurt with this tool if there are no safety types of equipment. Keeping this fact in mind, this grinder added a safety guard to save your eyes from dust.

Rank No-5: Most Professional Grinder

#5. Like Mini Belt Sander Electric Grinder Knife


Q: What do you use a mini belt sander for?

A: A handheld mini belt sander is a perfect tool for a wide variety of applications like sanding, grinding, trimming, and even leveling surfaces.

Our last knife belt sander grinder is for those people who are seeking a tiny grinder to sharpen their knives, flat iron, and other blunt metals. If you think of getting this type of grinder machine, this is for you.

This electric grinder knife will be used to achieve a fully smooth surface. It works great in grinding woods, acrylic, metals, and other materials.

It is a stationary sander for knife making that can be mounted on the tabletop. It is tiny but has strong and a lot of power. This belt sander for knife making can be adjusted in any direction that you actually need. This feature makes you are more comfortable working in any position.

Notable Features

  • Not noisy:  Another feature of this knife-making sander is its less noise and doesn’t make any vibration. The bearable noise is 75 to 85 decibels which are good for our health.
  • Power cord: It comes with a good power cord that includes the power supply as part of the cord, nicely regulating speed. The speed can differ from 4500 to 9000pm.
  • CNC machining: It is a complete CNC machine, and a built-in dual bearing prevents dirt and dust from entering it, which can damage the bearing.

Things we like

  • Powerful motor
  • Well-constructed and long-lasting
  • Versatile speed setting
  • Less sound and vibration
  • Workbench adjustable, different angle
  • Less expensive

Things we don’t like

  • You should place it on the rubber sheet keeping it from moving
  • Motor overheats faster

Why We Love It

We love this knife-making belt sander, especially for beginners. The great features are perfect for helping the newcomer who wants to start their tasks with knife making.

Features To Consider For Best Belt Sander For Knife Making

Best Belt Sander For Knife Making

There are some key facts to check before purchasing the best budget belt sander for knife making.


You should consider the belt sander for knife making with small motor power if you are a beginner level. It shouldn’t be up to 1HP. The right motor power of the best beginner belt sander for a knife works better as a knife grinder 1/2HP.

Belt size

Go for a small belt size. It is well controlled and helps the users in your learning way. Large belt sizes only are for professional use. The ideal belt size for a beginner is 2×72-inches.


Motor speed and belt speed is the most important fact to think about when buying a knife grinder. Check for the lowest speed. High-speed belt sanders are difficult to manage for beginners.

Dust collection system

You may consider that a dust collection might not be an important factor when buying the best belt sander for the knife. But the truth is that it is an essential feature for a belt sander.

You can get the knife grinder in the current market that is available with a dust collection system. You can make the connection to other vacuums with the help of this collecting port. In this way, you can stay your working area clean. Some knife

Fast performance

A knife sander can help you in removing or shaping the material in a very short time. In this way, a sander user can get faster knife making. It is an effective performer while your work eliminates a huge amount of metal from the surface.


Belt sanders are normally noisy and even tend to vibrate enough during working. But it is also advisable to get a sander machine that doesn’t make any noise. Therefore, select tools that can produce less sound and make a well-iron base to minimize the vibration.


To find the best beginner belt sander for knife making, it is most important to check its strength, sturdiness, and durability. If you want to buy the machine for professional use, you should pick a durable machine.


Price is the most important factor for the customers that anyone can’t avoid. Everyone wants to get a reasonable product that doesn’t compromise the quality. You also should pay attention to the budget besides considering the above factors.

Final Thought!

Imagine you buy the wrong belt and disc sander when you start making knives or shaping new knives. The flaws will become apparent as they edge your improvement and hinder making knives what you envision in your mind.

We don’t want this to happen to you. So, we will repeat all those recommendations that we have already made in our belt sander reviews. They refresh your mind and help you to make a good decision.

FAQ’s For Best Belt Sander For Beginner Knife Making

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