3 Effective Ways of How to Remove Paint from Wood Furniture

Removing paint from wooden furniture helps to reduce old paint and refurbish them. It is necessary when you notice the old colors become shabby and dull. Again, some people didn’t have the required budget for renewing their furniture. So if you like to take on the challenge of painting the table, go ahead.

The best way is to strip furniture with patience, then apply the chemicals as well as scraping. Along with this, continue to read this overall writing to know how to remove paint from furniture, safety tips and maintenance, and many more.

How to Remove Paint from Wood Furniture

How to Remove Paint from Wood Furniture

You may like to hire a professional for stripping, repairing, or finishing the furniture, which is good. But doing those acts by yourself will save a few hundreds of cash from you. Here are the detailed steps which you need to follow carefully.

Necessary Tools That You Need-

  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Block
  • Citristrip
  • Brushes
  • Rubber hand gloves
  • Paint removal tools
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Safety wearer

Method-01: Using a paint remover


Smear or applying any paint remover is more effective instead of using a sander to remove paint from wood. Removing old polish in this manner is the easiest and quickest method.

Step 01 – Gather All the Furniture at The Corner of Your Home

Removing the old paints from the furniture means you have to play with lacquer thinner, denatured alcohol, or varnish or paint remover. So first, prepare all of that furniture before switching onto the main work.

Keep them aside and remove all the necessary stuff from them. Unlike, remove the knobs, handles, and hinges from there. Most importantly, do repair any damaged furniture before preparing it for stripping. Ensure that you seal the splits and reinforce all the joints. Then choose the right sander to remove paint. Click here to check on the best sander to remove paint.

Step 02- Choose an Accurate Place

When it comes to sanding any wooden furniture, there might be lots of dust and mess. So you should decide on an area that is wide and well-ventilated. Select any location near your home premises, big lawn, or garage. Do not forget to cover all the furniture if you are determined to do the task at home.

Step 03- Sand It & Apply The Paint Remover

We often make mistakes in applying the removing paints before sanding. If you’re in a dilemma, can a sander remove paint? Then the answer is yes, you can. Sanding the working pieces before painting is an excellent idea.

All in all, you won’t need to apply much effort as well as spend more time. Only 10-minutes will be required to sand the entire furniture, but you should use a coarser sander for this perspective.

Not to mention that the wax or special furniture finishing may require a little effort. But it gives you more enormous advantages in the future.

Step 04- Test The Finishes

It is the most crucial task for this job. Using a sander to remove paint is to rely on how finely you test the finishes.

Anyway, apply any paint remover to test the finish. Then brush any liquor, removing oils, alcohols, paints on the minor portion of the furniture. Remember, just choose a particular place for the furniture only for a patch test.

Now let it sit for about 10-20 seconds, wipe off the excess with a rough or old cloth. This time, you need to check if the paint comes off on its own or not. If it successfully omits the old stains, use the same coatings for the entire fitments.

Important Note- Remember that thinner lacquers can only be reduced. Again, shellac can be applied to remove denatured alcohol and other substances. The actual shellac consists of 50% lacquer thinner and 50% denatured alcohol.

Step 05- Remove The Existing Traces

After finishing painting all the furniture, it’s time to sand it once again. This final task will let you rub off any imperfections. You can use any scraper, steel-made wool, and sandpaper here. Scrape the surfaces using your hands to put out the remaining traces. Don’t go too rough; gently run your hands over the furniture.

Afterward, sand the furniture using the correct grit sandpaper. Choose 100-120 grit sandpaper for medium sanding. To finish the sanding, we also used 220-grit sandpaper. And you’re half done with, proceeding to give it a final look.

Method-02: Using a sander


This is a non-chemical process, but it is required for those who don’t want to use a chemical method. Here you can opt for any sander to remove paint from wood. Although the chemical products didn’t have much efficiency in eradicating paints like any power sander. Click here to find the best type of sander for wood.

Nowadays, different types of commodities are available in the sector of power sander for furniture. But it’s crucial to use any small electric sander for furniture.

Necessary Materials-

  • Choose any woodworking sander
  • Safety gear
  • Sandpaper grits
  • Dust collecting pot

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Step 01 – Choose The Right Sander

Undoubtedly, a right sander can effectively strip the old paints from the large. So you must determine for what purposes you’re using them. Of course, there is a sky-high difference between the sanders. For instance, you may not use any particular sander to remove popcorn ceilings from any critical areas.

Meanwhile, you can’t deny how efficiently any electric sander removing paint from any wide surface. If you’re planning to do DIY home projects, prepare to spend some cash on buying a small furniture sander. Overall, you must be specific and clear about your needs. Again, any heavy profile brush sander for wood is worthy of this task.

Nothing is much better than a handheld sander for stripping any wavy and curvy furniture.

Step 02 – Prepare The Surfaces

To remove paint with a sander, gather all the materials and clean all the furniture that used to be stripped further. Wash away those wooden pieces or furniture if possible. The surfaces become clean enough to cope with the next step. Use any dishwasher soap or liquor.

Step 03 – Attach the grits to the sander

Attach the sander grits to the sander, whatever you use. Next, sand the entire surface using 80-grit sandpaper. Always before a lightweight sander to remove paint off of furniture.

For high-profile designs, use the power or hand sander. Use any belt or orbital sander for curves. Sanding wood floors with an orbital sander has also proven to remove paints successfully.

Step 04 – Sand The Surfaces Once Again With 220 Grits

Keep your hand aligned to the sander to refinish furniture. Avoid giving too much pressure over it unless the wood gets damaged. Once you finish sanding it, sand it one more time using 200 grits or above. Wipe the surfaces clean afterward. Try to pressure the sander for wood furniture to get into every nook and crannies of the pieces.

Step 05 – Clean The Surfaces

Now mob the floor, or vacuum the dusty powder and debris. You can clean or wash away all the garbage with a water-soaked rag.

Method-3: Using a Heat Gun


A heat gun is a particular tool that runs by blasting a high-temperature stream. But do not try this method if you’re not an expert on it. However, it is a quicker and cleaner way of strapping the old faints. Using a sander for wood only produces some dry mess up, which is entirely absent in the affairs of a heat gun.

So when you’re prepared to go, don’t forget to keep a metal paint tray nearby. It helps to place the gun during the working period. Wear appropriate gloves, mask, like you’re used to doing when using the sander for wood furniture.

Step 01- Switch on the Tool & Start from the Small Area

Now remove the old paint with this tool. Turn on the switch and hold it at least 2-inches away from the particular area. Move it back and forth across the painted surfaces. The gun applied to wood can spark a fire, so do not point it in only one place. As well as it may burn the wood.

Step 02- Keep the scrapped pieces at 30⁰ angle & Gently trigger the gun

Heat gun can’t remove the entire scraped paint at a time like any particular sander for furniture. So the whole process will go so far and be time-consuming. That’s why I try to grab the scraped paint from one hand and hold the gun with another. Keep the pieces at a 30⁰ angle and gently press them. The weakest colors will easily curl up at first. Then the strongest one starts to come off.

Step 03- Continue to Pressurize Its End Point Twice or More

Continue to trigger the gun until all the scrapped painted surfaces are cleaned and furnished. Do not start the gun at its highest wattage to avoid unpredictable occurrences. Load the gun and shoot it twice or more. After finishing the entire process, wipe off the scrapped particles from there. For stubborn stains, soak a cloth in mineral spirits.

Frequently Asked Questions-(FAQ)

What Is the Best Sander to Remove Paint?

There are different types of the sander to remove paints. Among them, you must rely on one that has more positive reviews as well as good ratings. So here are some illustrated sanders that will be best in their positions.

  • Makita Belt Sander
  • Wagner SprayTechPaintEater.
  • Bosch GET75-6 N Electric Orbital Sander.
  • TACKLIFE Random Orbit Sander.
  • PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander

Can You Use a Sander To Remove Paint?

Of course, the sander has much efficiency in removing the old paints quickly. The manual hand and power grinder make a distinct way to remove the paints from furniture from the variety of sanders. Therefore, driving such tools will produce dust; lead paints won’t be used. Sanding the lead paints often releases toxic lead dust into the air.

Will A Sander Remove Paint from Metals?

The best way to remove paint from metal is to sand it. Orbital sanders and sanding blocks effectively paint off the metal surfaces. But the orbital sander is doing more labor to strip the metal than the sanding blocks.

Bottom Line


Removing the old one and replacing the newer looks in exchange isn’t a quicker process, especially for wooden purposes. Although the fundamental steps sometimes need to end up productively, these aren’t hard either.

The detailed actions that we described help to expert you and reduce some labor. A bit of patience and a few chores can explore a new reform that might surprise you a lot. Discover how to remove paint from wooden furniture by reading on.

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