How to Sand Furniture with Electric Sander

Mention not when you’re asking to work with any electric sander; there are three options in common -belt, orbital & other. Correspondingly, as they don’t look similar, their using capabilities aren’t similar as well.

But one thing you can do. Figure out for what purpose you’re looking to sand your furniture with an electric sander if your main intention is for sanding medium size -large panels & tops for cabinets or furniture, etc. Then go for the orbital or belt sander.

We decided to converse here about how to sand furniture with electric sander with three different tools. So read throughout to know more.

How to Use an electric sander Appropriately


How to sand wood with electric sander is quite similar to the task of sanding the furniture. Here, you need to focus on choosing the right grit sandpaper. Then turn on the switch of the sander and lay it straight into the surface.

After that, the sander starts to sand it. Try to move in a steady motion, as it’ll give a smooth finish. Also, move the sander towards the wood grains to remove the little edges from it.

However, this is the basis of an all-electric sander. The more you practice, the more you’re getting expert on this. It’s not a part of a big project that you need to do hard to recover the oversight. Below, we’re attaching the three different electric sander and their paces so that you can overview what is best for refinishing furniture.

3 Best Type of Electric Sander & Their Paces

Palm Type sander (Best for the novice)
Random orbital sander (Best rated)
Belt sander (Better for new experiments & heavy-duty work)

Sanding with a palm type sander

How to Use electric palm sander for furniture

Palm type is a simple and easy-going sander for beginners. It has less difficulty and functionality, which is good for the kids too. You can let them use it with certainty for doing the little woodworking projects. In brief, it is a small electric sander for furniture.

But that doesn’t mean it is the worst to use for any heavy-duty projects. A palm sander is still a great choice among professionals for its rapid speed and the absence of spinning components. The palm sander tool is a great electric sander for wood too.

How to Use

  • First, connect the sandpaper inside the sander. Don’t forget to see the instructions before attaching the sandpaper.
  • Next, turn off the sander by sliding the sandpaper into the clip area and tightening the latches. Now you have to start the sanding.
  • Now switch on the sander. Ensure that the sander has flattened over the surfaces equally. This will help to prevent uneven sanding.
  • Keep the sander over the surface’s swivel and try to balance the speed while working. Sliding the palm sander back and forth to remove the excess.
  • Finishing the whole task may take some time. Sometimes it may vary on the sandpaper grits and the surfaces you choose. So do it patiently and take enough time on your hands.

Thus, you can get well-finished sand and stable furniture by this.

A Random Orbital Sander and Its Sanding Process

how to sand furniture with electric sander

Using an electric sander may require you some basic skills. In that case, a random orbital sander is another choice. One of the best features of this sander will spin rapidly in a circular motion. Here, you’ll get the chance to learn how to use an electric sander.

An orbital sander works at the center of the wooden pieces. For this, it will be able to give extreme finishes to friction up against the projects. But here, you won’t find the vibrating sanding like the palm sander. Orbital sander mainly works by the constant rotation of its spin.

How to Use

  • Whenever you’re determined to work with this sander, just hold the circular sandpaper discs and attach them.
  • Use a similar amount of holes for the sandpaper if it has a hole in the disc area. Traditionally, this sander used to have 8-holes.
  • Now ready to go for sanding. The moving strategy of this sander is as similar as the palm sander. But here, you need to focus on its speed and continuously move the sander back and forth.
  • Try to keep a sharp balance towards the sander, as it will continue to maintain the circulating norms.
  • One of the worthwhile concerns you need to set is to keep it on medium speed. Do not push it too hard or too slow. Let the sandpaper do its job through spinning and vibrating to varnish the edges.

And you’re all done.

Belt Sander & Their Sanding Process


A belt sander isn’t worthy of doing a job like sanding furniture. Nevertheless, it may work if you have good driving skills. However, most electric sander for furniture doesn’t give you a versatile result like a belt sander. It is made for professionals and experts.

Without gaining the proper skill about this sander, it’s really hard to use it as a sander for furniture. In our opinion, using the palm and orbital sander is wise to use, except this.

How to Use-

  • In short, the way to describe the technique to drive the belt sander over surfaces is to set it flat. Then inquiry if there is any unevenness. If so, cut off the rip apart from the surfaces quickly.
  • Instead of moving it back and forth, this time, you need to run it in a circular motion. By this, a smooth and even surface you’ll discover.
  • Next, line up the sander with the wood grain. Slide the belt sander forward over the surfaces.
  • Then turn it back and forth in a circular motion. Oh, most importantly, here you can change the sandpaper when needed. Or if the previous one gets damaged or worse.

Now you’ll get complete sander furniture by following the above method.

FAQ’s For how to sand furniture with electric Sander

Bottom Line

Knowing the proper skills for sanding will help you a lot throughout life. Yet, refinishing the furniture can save up so many dollars as buying new furniture is too costly. In that case, we think spending a little penny for buying an electric sander is a holy grail, what you say.

Significantly, these tools help sand the furniture and allow making some awesome DIY projects. All in all, it’s great to learn how to sand furniture with electric Sander to get into woodworking. So, let’s indulge yourself in some adversary experiments.

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