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If you really want to know, what is a benchtop sander used for? Then continue to read throughout the whole article. Benchtop sanders are a tool that is usually used to cut out the edges of the wood. But the comparison between the benchtop sander and the other sander makes the tedious and messy process much more manageable.

Of course, you must have used the electric benchtop sander for faster outputs. Using the benchtop grinder is more comfortable than the portable sander, as you can use it with both hands. You can control the workpieces manually, which is absent on other sanders.

What Is a Benchtop Sander?

What Is a Benchtop Sander

A benchtop sander uses to rub varnishes against the material to remove burrs, paints, and finishing products. Most benchtop sander comes in various shapes and sizes. It ranges from what purposes you use—benchtop sander, typically found in simple handheld sanding blocks to an industrial extent.

A benchtop works best with its large table or stands that are over the head. So when you determine to sand anything with this, hold the wooden pieces over its head. Sandpaper rotates continuously on the deck, which will sand the moving materials.

There are three best sander benchtops that will be found. The best benchtop belt sander, benchtop belt disc sander, and drum sander are the most popular models.

With the help of this sander, you can sand any surface or edges that are likely to be encountered. We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of their usage and compatibility below, forgiving you for keeping this information confidential.

Bench Belt Sander

Bench Belt Sander

As the name suggests, the bench belt sander comes with two distinctive parts. Here you will get around a sanding disc and a flat sanding belt. It looks like a small benchtop belt sander. These small, versatile tools are fitted all over and also on a vertical fence. Besides, the bench belt sander 2-in-1 tool combined with a big round disc sander that is well compact.

But the giant sander, which is 4×36″-6×48″ inches in width, has a large flatten table. By this, you can sand long and wide boards. The best thing about these largest sanders is that they come with an adjustable function to settle down at different angles.


  • It is ideal for sanding any curves, squares, and metal workpieces. Yes, you can file the metal with this one too. The disc sander that is 6-10 inches in diameter is ideal for sanding the rough surfaces. To find out the best benchtop belt sander for metal, click here.
  • The sander is also equipped with a tilting worktable, which can be used for measuring. To sand squared and angled wooden pieces appropriately.
  • As such, the most oversized meter table can adjust with the sander tilts to sand up to 45-degree cuts. The pieces can be sanded or shaped in various angles, including miters, bevels, and chamfers.

Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

The benchtop oscillating spindle sander is a sander that comes with a flattened working table and a sanding drum. The long and thin sanding drum constantly spins in a circular motion and moves ups and downs for sanding. It is a typical wood sanding tool that you could do the sharpest task with. An oscillating sander is traditionally good to use on both sharpening and curving the wood.

It’s worth mentioning that most of them come with various spindle drums in different sizes and diameters. As they have every shape and size, it’s easy to match the radius and curves of the pieces to install.

 One of the popular brands of oscillating sander named Rigid manufactured some unique variants of the sander. They had the capabilities, too, doubling the versatility of the tool. Oscillating is also renowned as the best DIY benchtop sander.


  • The oscillating sander would be more helpful in making the curves
  • The sander allows you to make any high-end furniture like chair, table, sofa, etc
  • It’s good to contour and varnish the irregular shapes too 

For those who do not wish to spend an excessive amount of time researching the market, be sure to check out our top 5 picks.

Best Image

Product Title




Best Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

WEN 6510t Oscillating Spindle Sander

Best Oscillating Spindle Sander

58 oscillating per minute

best oscillating spindle sander

Rikon Oscillating Spindle Sander

Best Benchtop Spindle Sander

29 oscillating per minute

Oscillating Spindle Sander

Shop Fox W1846 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

Best Budget Spindle Sander

58 oscillating per minute

Best Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Best Portable Spindle Sander

58 oscillating per minute

Grizzle Oscillating Spindle Sander

Best Bolt & Spindle Sander

58 oscillating per minute

Benchtop Drum Sander

Benchtop Drum Sander

Drum sanders are once only architecture by an expanded spinning drum covered with a loop of grind paper. As an example, we could talk here about the delta 4-belt 6 disc sanders.

 Drum grinders are usually found in professional shops, even though most are not stationary. However, the updated models are also available for home woodworkers.

The most common open-end drum sander comes to smoothing wide, long, and flattened boards. Apart from this, some drum sanding models come with 2-3 inches wide accommodate panels.

This is an ideal tool that has a consistent speed, about 12 feet per minute. By this, the tool can retrieve the board from one side to another. If you want to do another sanding, then crank down the handle a little and feed the board through.


  • a drum sander is an ideal tool to sand longboards, panels, doors
  • As well as smoothing uneven edges, it is designed to do so.
  • A drum sander is the most demanded tool for grinding metals in manufacturing shops for abrasive materials and grit.

Disc Benchtop Sander

Disc Benchtop Sander

Disc benchtop sander is the middle sander between the bench grinder and belt sander. At the first appearance, you may make the mistake of thinking of this as a bench sander. But there is an in-depth difference between the two.

 A disc benchtop sander is a unique sander that a circular disc and a plate would have figured out. A grinder works much like a rotating sander as a circular sanding disc attached to a circular plate, usually used to shape wooden pieces as an operating system.

But without attaching any abrasive sanding grit, you won’t be able to run it properly. It’s probably a simple bit of kit which you can make yourself. You need to attach the motor, some MDF, abrasive sheets, and spray glue. Comparatively, the disc sander is running too fast to allow you to finish any heavy-duty projects in time.


  • Required to finish any small projects
  • Removes the large amounts of materials
  • Shaping around the wooden edges or corners
  • Well-furnishings and furniture, tables and plywood
  • Handling the end grain work
  • It’s also helpful to sand the metal.
  • One of the worst things about this tool is that it cannot handle any big projects.
  • It provides you with fine-tuned finishes for an appealing and stunning look.
  • Disk sanders are equipped to smooth end grains and straight cuts, angles, and miter cuts.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Benchtop Sander

See the rest of the list: 12 FAQ For Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander


Benchtop Sanders is awesome to handle some rough jobs, which are better than any other grinder. Some best benchtop sanders are a holy grail for shaping and finishing wood surfaces as well. But where and what is a benchtop sander used for, vitality to know to drive them on proper purposes.

Although, it is beneficial to get an idea about the good uses of those bench sanders. So that you can sand down any shimming beds or wooden corners; moreover, using a bench sander is a champ to get pre-cut pieces. But give a little trial before going to the actual actions.

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