Best Orbital Sander For Furniture Refinishing – Top 5 Picks In The Market

In a rush and want to know what the best orbital sander for furniture refinishing is? Craftsman 3 Amp Orbital Sander is your ideal choice.

Older furniture has many character and sentimental value. As it wears for a long time, we try to find ways to replenish the character of the wood, which interested us in it in the first place.

From this buying guide, most you can know that refinishing involves orbital sanding the piece of furniture.

What is the greatest way to go about furniture for refinishing, and what sander is best for furniture to use in the method?

Let’s discover those replies below.

Best Orbital Sander For Furniture Compared – Top 5 Picks in The List

Best For Orbital Sander



Craftsman 3 Amp Orbital Sander

Weight: 3lbs
Dimension: 10.13 x 5.5 x 5.75 inches
OPM: 12000
AMP: 3
Warranty: 3-years

Best For Random Orbital Sander

Best Orbital Sander For Furniture


Skil 5 Random Orbit Sander

Weight: 3.44 pounds
Dimension: 7.87 x 4.8 x 5.51 inches
OPM: 13000
AMP: 2.8
Warranty: 1-years

best sanders for furniture

Best Orbital Sander For Furniture


Dewalt Random Orbital Sander

Weight: 4 pounds
Dimension: 10.38 x 7.25 x 6.18 inches
OPM: 12000
AMP: 3
Warranty: 3-years

best sander for woodworking



Jellas Random Orbital Sander

Weight: 4.13lbs
Dimension: 10.16 x 5.04 x 6.46 inches
OPM: 13000
AMP: 2.5
Warranty: 3-years

best power sander for furniture



ZFE Mini Random Orbital Sander

Weight: 2.23 pounds
Dimension: 10.04 x 5.91 x 4.13 inches
OPM: 15000
AMP: 3
Warranty: 2-years

Our Choice Best Orbital Sander for Refinishing Furniture Reviews

Best Orbital Sander For Furniture

With no more argument, let’s take a short look at some greatest orbital sander models, which we believe are the best professional orbital sander. Depending on their power, versatility, high quality, and speed, we have selected them.

Rank No-One: Best For Orbital Sander

#1. Craftsman 3 Amp Orbital Sander

Craftsman random orbital sander works pretty differently to orbital sander for furniture refinishing. Rather than spinning on the fixed axis, this random orbital sander has an off-center axis, permitting the sanding pad to rotate. Then it moves side to side at a similar time.


Features Of This Craftsman

Protective design: The best random orbital sander for furniture arrives with the 3-AMP motor, which operates 12,000 OPM with the dust-sealed switch to prevent sawdust from causing injury or damage.

Dust collection: The dust collection is added courtesy of the collection bag or direct connection to a middle vacuum system.

Why We Love It?

The palm hold is enclosed with rubber for the calm of the users. No matter how much time you push on the sander, you can’t injure your hand as the sander’s handle is constructed to ideally fit the shape of the palm. It is padding by the rubber, so it doesn’t dig into your hands. The overall design makes sure less vibration with sound.

Reason To Buy

Reason to Avoid

Why Do We Recommend It?

If you seek a less expensive best sander for small wood projects, we suggest this one for you. It is very easy to carry and store. It comes with a nice dust collection system, so you can’t end up messing up the workspace.

What Expert Say?

Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, reviewed this craftsman sander and said, “My own projects are also highlighted with this best features, and I love it for its ergonomic and lightweight design. The soft-grip surface will help you to handle a lot of projects at a time with full comfort. The soft handle helps dampen the sander’s vibration mostly.”

Rank No-Two: Best For Random Orbital Sander

#2. Skil 5 Random Orbit Sander

Our second choice as the best sander for wood furniture is Skil 5 in random orbit sander. This orbit sander machine will handle any job, allowing you to control its direction completely. It is amazing to deliver the best smooth performance in various nice sanding applications.

Best Orbital Sander For Furniture

Let’s move and see its features!

Features Of Skil

Effective: This sander is an easy to clean and highly effective dust collector, and it can trap particles easily.

Variable speed: The different speeds can control it, making you sand as faster as necessary.

Compact design: The Skil random orbital sander takes 5″ discs that are compact enough to easily reach small spaces. It also comes with three extra sanding discs.   

Why We Love It?

The vibration damping system reduces the stress on the hands and wrists of the users. The soft rubber and ergonomic design handle will present comfort to grasp during long time sanding sessions. For those reasons, most love this orbital sander machine.

Reason To Buy

Reason to Avoid

Why Do We Recommend It?

If you are searching for such a sander with which you can control a huge number of projects and operate it for two or three hours a day with no worry, this random orbital is only for you. It arrives with three discs and a great strong kit which are very important for a professional handyman.

What Expert Say?

Michael T. Lauer, woodworker, Washington DC, reviewed for Skil random orbital sander, “I have changed my older sander with this new models, and I love it for smooth performance of it. It creates less vibration and sound that makes me very happy. I feel it is very sturdy and hope it works well for a long time.”

Rank No-Three: Best Sanders For Furniture

#3. Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Dwe6423k

This Dewalt 5 inch orbital sander combines different speeds to give the users more control over the furniture they are sanding.

It is amazing for preventing coating of alternating thickness and rough wood grain. The ability to adjust the speed of the motor can enhance the length of time which lasts before it needs to be changed.

Best Orbital Sander For Furniture

Features Of This Dewalt

Perfect height: The Dewalt 5 variable speed orbital sander includes lower height than other models of Dewalt. This modification was constructed to ensure comfort and make the users come closer to work. It comes with great balance with an extra counterweight.

Perfect Sander: This Dewalt furniture sander uses clamps to stick the sandpaper, which is a good approach as a lot of Velcro-based sanders. So, you can sand larger and much more without any worry.

Comfortable: It is the pretty weight but comfortable to hold, so it handles any tough project easily. The powerful motor ensures it gets the tasks with no leaving tracks.

Why We Love It?

The clamps create it easy to assemble or prevent that paper easily. The clamps are extremely effective and make sure the paper doesn’t slip while sanding. Moreover, the body of this sander is designed ergonomically to be gripped smoothly.

Reason To Buy

Reason to Avoid

The single-handed locking mechanism on the dust collection component can come loose operating if it isn’t tightened properly.

Why Do We Recommend It?

If you are paying for some bucks more than cheap options out there, you need to buy it. It is value the price that will last for a few years. It gives you smooth furniture stripping experiences.

What Expert Say?

“After starting my jobs with wood, I rely on the best orbital sander for furniture by Dewalt brand. It is one of them.”- Jamie Cowan, toolmaker.

Rank No-Four: Best Sander For Woodworking

#4. Jellas Random Orbital Sander For Woodworking

Can you distress furniture with sandpaper from a sander? We know any wood maker can’t do it. And so, they want to rely on the best random orbital sander for woodworking.

For those guys, we want to talk about Jellas orbital sander. It also comes with all common features which best orbital sanders incorporate. Continue and see what this model actually includes!


Features Of Jellas

Adjustable speed: This 4.13-pounds Jellas 5-inch random orbital sander contains 6-adjustable speed settings which the users can switch between simple speeds.

Powerful motor: The powerful motor drivers the sanding disc at more than 13000 OPM. But this sander can operate with lower speeds as well.

Dust collection: It has a built-in dust collection system consisting of internal fans to assist the draw-in unit with the detachable dust collection, which is easy to clean.

Why We Love It?

The 18-pcs replaceable sandpapers, who doesn’t want to get with the 5-inch random orbit sander? Yes, we love this model for this great opportunity what we can’t get with other sanders as usual.

Yes, this dual-action random orbital sander machine offers 18-disc, which is different grits. And they let you choose anyone to depend on your tasks or applications.

Reason To Buy

Reason to Avoid

Why Do We Recommend It?

Jellas promised to provide high-quality products to gain the pursuit of a better life. And based on that intention, they offer a lot of tools where this model is one. You can compare this with others but will win it. Well, for unique features and quality, we suggest our guys for their long-term projects.

What Expert Say?

“I fell in love when I received it with 18 replaceable sandpapers. Plus, it was the best chance for me to handle a larger project with different requirements.” – David Thiel, University of Rochester.

Rank No-Five: Best Power Sander For Furniture

#5. ZFE Mini Random Orbital Air Sander

Our last product from ZFE is air orbital sander furniture refinishing. If you have no any issue with the budget, you can choose it. This sander is a mini sander machine, but it incorporates with several parts and accessories that few sanders only offer. It is a great pack that offers all kits that is essential for woodworking.

Let’s see what’s more?


Features Of This ZFE

Better grip: You get a better option to grip the sander, which lets you complete a lot of tasks in a single day. The handle is super comfortable, and your hands keep you safe from any injury.

Cordless freedom: The lithium-ion battery has effective power to present at the climax for longer. You can purchase large ability batteries to stay you working for longer. It arrives with a charger, unlike the ZFE cordless model.

Why We Love It?

The air inlet connector is the unique feature of it that makes it so different from others. The heat-treated air inlet connector is reasonable and effective, and it has a muffler exhaust port to discharge air with maintaining oil during work.

Reason To Buy

Reason to Avoid

Why Do We Recommend It?

If you are an experienced and professional woodworker is seeking a tool that can help you with designed wood, this tool is for you. We highly recommend it for people who have a lot of woodworking projects from clients. Those days much furniture had nice design and curves and edge.

What Expert Say?

“In my workshop, I need to use several types of kits and tools for which I need to spend a penny for different products. But this ZFE sander pack has given me all essential items at a time.”  – Curran Copeland.

A closer Look to Choose The Best Sander for Refinishing Furniture

Best Sander for Refinishing Furniture

So, you want to select the best sander for furniture restoration. What are the details you should think about to find the best tools?

Let’s take a short look!

Power Source

Random orbital sanders will be powered in some different ways. Some tools must be plugged into the electric outlet, which means you can need an extension cord if you have a plan to work outside. Other models are cordless as well as run on a rechargeable battery.

While battery-powered orbital sanders are noticeably much more portable, they have limited run time. Finally, a few orbital sanders are operated by air-compressors and make them handy options if you have a compressor in the workshop.

Dust Collection

You will be expected to kick up much sawdust for sanding; that is why a lot of people favor a random orbital sander with a dust collector. This aspect sucks sawdust into the attached bag, which you should vacant every so often.

A few higher-end sanders have the best sander for furniture with vacuum attachment that lets you hook the units to your workshop. However, you have to wear a safety dust mask with eye protection when you are working, skipping any injury to your eyes plus respiratory system.

Disc Size

Orbital sanders use round shape sandpaper discs, which arrive in different sizes like 5 to 6 inches in diameter. But the heavy-duty sanders come with 8-inches across. Focus on that you can’t swap disc sizes because sanders are constructed to grip one disc size.

If you are seeking to handle larger projects, you need to take larger discs to help you handle larger areas faster. Additionally, small size disc gives you little controlling power that fits for small jobs.

Easy To Use

Easy to use comes down to key factors such as weight, vibration, and even controlling power. An orbital sander weighs between 1 to 8 pounds based on types of sander when the tools are corded, cordless, and pneumatic. The powerful version like a belt sander, small palm sander, or corded tools includes a larger motor that may weigh up to cordless options.

Orbital sanders perform at higher speeds than can make important vibrations. Select the sander with vibration dampening padding to keep your hands safe from any fatigue or strain.

The ergonomic handles coated in vibration dampening padding decrease the vibration throughout the whole sander, preparing your tasks easier on your hands.

Other Features

Manufacturers might include a number of features to design the orbital sander to refinish furniture with essential accessories.

  • Pressure detection: It is a premium feature that measures several pressure applied by the sander users. This information presents on the side of sanders, and if very much pressure is used, the sanders will vibrate to alert the users.
  • Safety features: Sander tools include trigger lock systems, vibration dampening padding, and an auto emergency stop system that can apply a brake to automatically stop the pad’s motion. It can release injury and damage.
  • Accessories: Like other sander tools, the sandpaper or disc included sander kits. The kits add a carrying case, detail sanding attachments, and accessories bag to keep several pads and attachments organized in one space.


You can see most orbital sanders arrive with a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with some perfect for broad materials removal. Others meant for precise sanding in tough to reach all areas. The versatility of a sander submits to its possible use in a wide range of ways for an assortment of any projects. Look for the sanders that can control any woodworking tasks you would like to tackle.

Palm sanders support mostly woodworking jobs even if they can’t control heavy material removal. So, it is best to pair these types with the belt sander.

On the other hand, rotary and random orbital sanders can handle medium to big projects. But they can’t arrive at tight or narrow corners. So, look for the tools with detailed sanding accessories to assist in accessing these tough angles.

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Best Orbital Sander for The Job: Smooth Winner

All of the above best sander for furniture UK, the US reviewed will offer you a high-quality finish. But we believe that Craftsman 3 Amp Orbital Sander is the best orbital sander for furniture for refinishing.

First off, this sander includes a powerful electric motor that can operate the power needed to cut through thicker topcoats you have to remove during refinishing.

The key to this power in the Craftsman is the ability to adjust which power permits you to operate slower in areas that need lightweight sanding.

Hopefully, this buying guide clarifies every sander’s strengths and weaknesses to make an informed selection. 

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