Best Electric Sander For Furniture Reviews (Top Pick In This Year)

In a hurry but just want to know which is the best electric sander for furniture refinishing?

Old furniture has many characters and sentimental worth. As it wears in due course get ways to refill the quality of the wood which attached us to it in the high level.

If you are going through this article, you know refinishing involves sanding the pieces of furniture.

What is the best method to go about refinishing furniture, and what is the best sander to utilize in the procedure?

Let’s look at those answers below!

Quick Overview: Best Electric Sander For Furniture – Top 5 Picks In The list

Best Image

Product Title

Motor Size



Top pick: Bosch Random Orbital Sande

2.5 AMP


Dewalt orbital sander vacuum

Runner Up: Dewalt orbital sander vacuum

2.5 AMP


best electric sander for furniture

Budget Option: Black+Decker Random Orbit Sander



Makita Bo5030K Random Orbit Sander

3.0 AMP


Jellas Electric Random Orbital Sander



Best Electric Sander For Refinishing Furniture – My Honest Reviews

Best Electric Sander For Furniture

Without further argument, let’s talk about some specific electric sander models which we believe are the best sander for refinishing furniture.

Rank No-1: Bosch Electric Random Orbital Sander

Bosch sander

Key Features

  • 5-inches disc size
  • Soft backing pad
  • Corded electric power source
  • High dust collections
  • 360° rotating base plate

The Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander arrives in our first place with great and wonderful choice. With more power feel than the Top pick Bosch but with minimal vibration, this electric sander Bosch has a lot of features.

This electric sander Bosch machine incorporates dust collection, 2.0 AMP motor, vacuum hose adapters, dampening ring, and carrying case. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee with a 1-year warranty.

Manufacturer Bosch says, “This Bosch sander lowes furnishes an optimized combination of pad orbit and rotation. It delivers faster removal plus is well blended with an ultra-smooth finish. This unit is designed to let carpenters pad cabinet makers fulfill the tasks easily without any swirl marks.”

What makes this product unique?

  • A unique feature is vertical sanding along with the edges of the pad during sanding drawers or bookshelves.
  • There is a dust collection bin that stands out on this sander. It offers filtration, which can trap down to 0.5 microns in size. It lets you keep the air and task area free from sawdust.
  • The attached vacuum hose adapter allows you to mount the sander to the dust collection system.
  • The Bosch 2.5 amp orbital sander, controlling power, allows you to adjust the rotation speed on the oscillating base.
  • A pad dampening system includes this unit which helps to boost smooth finishing and remove swirl marks from the sanding.
  • Bosch has designed a signature attachment system, and it lets you mount sanding materials easily when keeping them in place while operating the machine.

What we like

  • Powerful feeling
  • Slight vibration
  • Easy to change the paper
  • Perfect speed for the task
  • Compact and cordless

What we don’t like

  • Less OPMs than others

User’ reviews

Many users report less noise than expected from an electric sander machine. They love it because it helps them improve their skill saving their time and space.

We mostly love the dust collection; that works surprisingly and lets us clean it when we like. It stops after a little more than 2/3 minutes of sanding.  

Rank No-2: Black+Decker random orbit sander

best electric sander for furniture

Key Features

  • 5-inch orbit random sander
  • 2 Amp motor &120 volt
  • Power Source- corded electric
  • 1-sander & 1-sanding sheet
  • 1-dust bag
  • 2-years warranty

We are coming in at about our third product, black & decker bdero 100 random orbit sander 5-inches pack with the important package. Only 2 amps with an impressive 12000 OPMs (Orbit per Minutes). It balances the greatest controlling power with the capability to get into a compact or tiny area by adding the finger attachment.

Our best performance orbit sander is excellent details or finishing sander Machine. The mouse sander features a unique and wonderful shape with a pointed tip. When it arrives at the best electric orbital sander with vacuum attachment for furniture, it is the best style for smoothing out detailed and even curved areas.

Black and Decker speak out that this powerful corded electric random orbit sander is enough for sanding and paint removal. It is also compact enough to work in hard-to-reach spaces. With a handy lock-on paddle switch, the easy on and off makes it simpler and easier to operate.

What makes this product unique?

  • The useful three-position comfort grip for the greatest control and ease of handle without any fatigue. The sander added a finger attachment which is more useful for details.
  • Onboard dust collection with a see-through canister lets you know whether it is full or not. The kit comes with sanding pads also.
  • This is the perfect electric sander for wood, even ideal for using detailed furniture. Considering the greatest features that you get at an affordable price, it is excellent worth for money.
  • The onboard dust collection system operates well for the small sawdust that you will generate with a detail sander. It is suited for small or large wooden projects. And the triangular shape allows you to hunt for the sandpaper.

What we like

  • High performance
  • Include comfortable three-position hold
  • High effective
  • Great worth for money
  • Easy to maneuver

What we don’t like

  • It may be tough to get replacement paper

User’ reviews

Thanks to electric random orbit action that makes sure a swirl-free finish every time. It helps you keep your tasks areas neat and tidy with a dust collection bag. You don’t need to waste your time cleaning up your workplace after completing the job. The hook and loop take a few seconds to change the paper and let you complete the task easily.

Rank No-3: Dewalt Electric Sander With Vacuum

Dewalt orbital sander vacuum

Key Features

  • 2.5 AMP with 14000 OPM
  • 100 grit rating & extra grit coarse
  • ¼ sheet sander
  • Separate counterweight to reduce vibration
  • Rubberized switch to save dust ingestion
  • 3-years warranty

The Dewalt orbital sander vacuum attachment combines various speeds to give the users more control over furniture. It is perfect for removing the coating of alternating thickness and rough wood grain essential to smooth out. The ability to adjust the motor speeds will increase the duration of the motor before replacing it.

It has a lot of power to finish any project, and it seems quieter and simpler to operate with high grit paper. The anti-slip and body grip make it more comfortable to use.

Dewalt says about this product, “This Dewalt sander vacuum adapter sealed with 100% ball-bearing construction and even replaceable brushes. It can be extremely appealing to heavy-duty users. The dust-sealed switch seems like an excellent idea, but in most cases, it will be awkward to use.”

What makes this product unique?

  • The shorter body design lets your hands be nearer to the work surface, and the similar distance help to remove some vibration by wood sander with the highest profile.
  • Dewalt’s rubber mold is well-known for delivering vibration absorption and comfort for your hands and saving long-lasting yellow plastic.
  • The hand-controlling power mounted to this electric sander is spaced apart while still giving faster access with one hand during operation.
  • The rubber cover knob plus counter-balanced low vibration design reduces the user’s fatigue after long use.
  • The clamping systems use dual locking lever clamps on the back with a heavy-duty spring-loaded front clamp.
  • The palm sander includes a dust removal system in place. You can use a cloth bag supplied or hook this sander up to shop Vac using a built-in vacuum adapter for dual different diameter hoses.

What we like

  • Overmold grip provides comfortable sanding
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • User-friendly design
  • The separate counterweight decrease the vibration

What we don’t like

  • None

User’ reviews

The user gave feedback, “After comparing with a lot of electric sander machines online and even offline, I finally decided to pick this electric Dewalt orbital sander for my workshop. At first, I was worried, but I was surprised and got a better result than my expectation when I started to use it. And I thought it deserved five stars and more.”

Rank No-4: Makita Bo5030K Random Orbit Sander

Best Electric Sander For Refinishing Furniture

Key Features

  • Medium type grip
  • 3.0 amp motor with 12000 OPM
  • Rubberized grip operator comfort
  • Large 1/8″ random orbit for faster sanding
  • Hook and loop abrasive disc
  • 1-year warranty

I have reached my last product, which one I have selected from Makita random orbital sander. It is a fantastic tool and ideal for commercial or professional use. The strong and powerful motor and some added pressure; won’t bog down or get hot.

This electric palm sander operates a great job eliminating the layers of the finish of older pieces of furniture that you would like to upcycle or refinish. If you even don’t need to use any chemical for stripping furniture, using this kind of electric sander cordless will speed up the entire way.

Makita is a reliable and well-known USA-based brand, and it said, “Makita delivers effective, accurate, capacity, and innovative products for woodworkers. Makita produces miter saw, jigsaw, planers, sanders, blades, and more. This brand’s woodworking solutions are engineered for pro-contractors to use high production settings.

The BO5030K is another example of Makita’s first-class engineering.”

What makes this product unique?

  • A Makita 5-inch orbital sander with 1/8 inch movement helps to minimize swirl keeping the sanding in contact with the work surface.
  • The 5-inch based sander is used to deliver a huge number of surfaces to keep paper pressed on wood. This compact size allows the users to use it even in tight places.
  • Makita includes anti-vibration materials and rubber grips that help your hand from tingling during operation.
  • This Makita sander machine is set up to create the highest OPR to make a smooth surface quickly.
  • The oversized sealed balls bearings are utilized to enhance the sander machine’s life.

What we like

  • Higher performance
  • Convenient and compact design
  • Better grip and controlling power
  • Lightweight and durable

What we don’t like

  • The rubber seal makes the on/off switch harder to operate.

User’ reviews

I have given five gold stars on this orbital sander with vacuum attachment because I was satisfied after using it for a long time without any issue. Yes, this sander machine is worth money and offers the best result with great performance.

It is a good tool, and I think I have taken the right decision to add such types of electric sander for my woodwork projects. I like it because it is great in price, nice operating system, and is ideal for any surface within a very short time.

Rank No-5: Jellas Electric Random Orbital Sander

Best Electric Sander For Furniture

Key Features

  • 6-adjustable speeds
  • 18pcs sandpapers
  • High dust collections
  • Suitable for wall sanding
  • 8-vacuum holes
  • 360° rotating base plate

The Jellies Orbital Sander is ideal for those always seeking a small electric sander to operate thinner space easily. Yes, you are one of them, you should think about this sandpaper for wood furniture.

The main aspect of this lowes random orbital sander is its high-performance dust collection that traps a vast amount of dust. It lets you complete your sanding tasks indoors simply.

According to manufacturer Jellas, “we design our every product is summarized after many DIY enthusiasts advise ad suggestions. Every tool combines the wisdom of a DIY enthusiast. The service of the brand is to offer an ideal solution for our customers who ask about this product.”

What makes this product unique?

  • This 5-inch random orbit sander is extremely light in weight that allows you to operate on a vertical surface with one hand. It is better to control and easy to use, even on the wall.
  • It arrives with a compact design plus size, making it more comfortable and user-friendly. Its built-in microfilter system traps a specific little ½ micron in diameter, which helps you quickly collect a huge number of dust.
  • You must like to use this best electric sander with vacuum. Yes, it is more comfortable and soft to grip. The low vibration makes it a more comfortable and controlling system.

What we like

  • Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for the DIY homeowner
  • Good heat resistant
  • Great cooling system

What we don’t like

  • None

User’ reviews

Most experienced customers reviewed and said this 5-buffing pad for the orbital sander. They love it for its convenient, compact, and effective design. Easy to hold, operate the system, and vertical use makes it more preferable to the woodworkers.

It is the perfect sander for most home renovation and craft projects. Its multi-speed sander and powerful motor are extremely pleasing to the users. It is also great worth for the money.

Buying Guide: The Best Electric Sander For Refinishing Furniture

Best Electric Sander For Refinishing Furniture

High-quality and low-quality sanders are available in the current market. They will be confused about picking the best electric sander for wood.

There are some ways to know – what is the best electric sander for removing finishes on furniture? Besides the best and most reliable brand and price, some features need to consider the high-quality sander.

Below we refer to some aspects here to find out the best option:

Power & Vibration

The best electric sander for furniture should be powerful but don’t make vibration too much. When it arrives at sanding furniture, you don’t need much power unless you would like to eliminate materials that aren’t a good idea.

But you need a sander that doesn’t make too much vibration, even if sanding takes much more time. You can focus on your task and hold and control your machine for a long time. The less vibration, ease to control, and hold comfortably are the first aspect of a higher quality sander.



Speed is the second feature you should keep in mind before picking the best sander for refinishing furniture. The speed of a sander is measured through OPM. The means of it the more OPM a sander has, the quicker it is.

So, if your project is with old wood, you have to pick the sander that works faster. The best kind of sanders allows you to adjust the speed, which you can use for versatile projects.


The orbital sander needs to adjust with your palm. Before picking the best electric sander for furniture UK, you should ensure the handle fit on your hand or not. If you hold the sander comfortably, you can’t control any project easily. The palm sander needs to be lightweight, compact, small, and convenient. So, check the dimension first.


Whatever you are going to pick to operate the wood or metal projects, but you should think about safety first. When you are going to handle your jobs with an electric machine, you must focus on safety features. And for electric sander, ensure to check if the safety aspects have or not like pad brakes, ergonomic handles, and dust collection.

Dust collector

Sanding tasks make a lot of sawdust, which is a normal fact for old wood. For this reason, choose the best electric sander for furniture with a dust collector system. Most orbital sander machines arrive with a vacuum cleaner that removes the dust from creating a huge mess.

This dust collector is kept clean in the working area and saves the users from breathing complexity and other health issues. Sometimes huge mess area can be an obstacle to handling the project for a long time. For safety tasks, it is the best feature overall.

Sandpaper for refinishing


A Sander machine is used to sand something. So, it is important to check whether the sander you are buying is ideal for sanding or not.

Most random orbital sander devices come with standard size and accept round pads from different manufacturers. So, you can get standard sanding discs size, and you have to get anyone you prefer to manage any tasks easily.

Then choose the right Sandpaper for refinishing. Click here to check on Amazon.

Final words!

There is no such product as an ideal and effective furniture sander. Every item and unit is designed with their individual purposes and designed based on furniture surfaces. So, it is not easy to find the best electric sander for furniture refinishing, which will be perfect for all furniture applications.

However, our top pick for great performance and adaptability is the Bosch random orbital sander. The sanding disc arrives at the point for detailed tasks and easy and faster sanding, even on tight or tinny areas. It is also powerful sufficient to sand small to larger projects within a very short time.

FAQs: Best Electric Sander For Wood Furniture

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