Best Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander | Top Choice & Guide

The random orbital sanders are mainly used for ultra-smooth sanding of the woods, plastics, and metal objects. But this sander won’t operate until sandpaper is paired with this sanding machine. Sometimes the normal sandpapers can be paired with the random orbital sander to get the job done. 

But it is better to attach the best performing sandpapers with this sanding device. That’s why you should always look for the best sandpaper for random orbital sander to get the best possible sanding experience. These best sandpapers will assist the orbital sander for even smoother finishing on the objects.

What Materials are Used in the Sandpaper

Best Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander

Whether you use the sandpaper with your hands or pair that with a sander, it needs to be capable of providing a smooth finishing. For hundreds of years, sandpapers have been the standard object smoothing tool. You also may have used this tool at some point in your household tasks.

During those periods, you might have wondered about the materials used in those sandpapers. If that is the case, then here is the list of those materials that have been used in the sandpapers:

Cloth (Cotton, Polyester, Rayon)
PET Film
Minerals and garnets
Aluminum Oxide
Silicon Oxide

05 Best Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander Reviews 2022

Best Sandpaper for Orbital Sander

Now, here we are with the detailed discussion about the five best orbital sanding discs for wood and metal. By using these best sanding discs, your metal and wood object finishing will be smoother than before. So, let’s get on with the review of the best sanding discs for random orbital sander:

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1. S SATC Sandpaper Hook and Loop Sanding

Best Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander

Customer reviews:

The first sandpaper on our list is a disc type one that you can pair with your random orbital sandpaper. It is fantastic sandpaper for wood, along with being the best sandpaper for metal. Let’s know more about it:


As the grit material of this sanding disc, the company has used Aluminum Oxide. It comes with ten different gritting grades starting from 40 to 600. Because of it, you will have the flexibility to use it based on your metal requirement. You must remember in this case that the smaller the grit number is, the rougher the grit is.

Carbide is the body material of this 5-inch sandpaper for orbital sander. It comes with a hook and loop attachment system to pair with the orbital sanders.

Sanding Capability

The outstanding adhesion prevents this sanding disc from falling off the sander. In this disc, the Velcro backing system makes the grit removal and replacement quickly whenever the sandpaper is ruined. In addition, the premium anti-clogging aluminum oxide abrasive ensures super durability, no matter how rough the surface is.

It is compatible to fit almost all the random orbital sanders, along with eight holes for efficient dust extraction. This sanding disc is capable of grinding, polishing, and finishing on various object surfaces from wood to glass. It is highly water-resistive as well, along with performing through wonder sanding speed. You will also find an even and consistent scratch pattern while sanding your wood, metal, plastic, or rubber object with this sander.


  • Different gritting grades
  • The presence of the Velcro backing system for easy removal and replacement
  • Anti-clogging aluminum oxide abrasive
  • The eight holes for efficient dust extraction with universal fitting
  • Highly water resistive


  • The disc dimension is a bit smaller

2. Mestool Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander

Mestool Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander

Customer reviews:

Here we have another best sanding discs for wood, metal, and other objects. Let’s see why this orbital sander sandpaper is on the list of the bests:


It is a golden sanding disc that comes with a hook and loop attachment system. With five inches of overall dimension, there are eight different holes present in it for dust removal. In addition, it comes with resin over resin bonded grains to make the polishing and grinding task even faster and smoother.

The presence of the aluminum oxide grain makes it more durable. Because of it, the path of this disc becomes clear to be the best random orbital sander sandpaper.

Sanding Capability

If you are looking for sandpaper to cope with your fast orbital sander, this one from Mestool is the one to go with. It is one of the best sanding discs for angle grinder as it comes with a vast range of compatibility. In addition, the semi-open grit binding of this disc ensures the top-notch sanding performance on the object surface.

There is also a special stearate coating on this disc to prevent it from getting clogged or pill formation. Therefore, it is the perfect tool for further usage for automotive refinishing and wood processing. You can also use this sanding disc with an orbital sander for the tasks like metal processing and vehicle manufacturing.


  • Resin over resin bonded grain and Aluminum oxide grain
  • Eight different holes for dust removal
  • Fast sanding adaptation with a vast range of compatible orbital sanders
  • The semi-open grit binding for top-notch sanding performance
  • It is the perfect automotive refinishing sanding disc


  • The disc dimension may seem a bit small on some surfaces

3. LotFancy 5 Random Orbital Sander Sandpaper

best sanding discs for orbital sander

Customer reviews:

Now we have another sanding disc on our list to attach with your random orbital sander. The reasons why it is one of the most deserving candidates to be on our list of the best sanding discs for orbital sander are:


Like the previous sandpaper, it is also a golden sanding disc produced by the LotFancy brand. Along with the fine gritting system, you will find the Velcro backing system in it. Ceramic Alumina has been used as the grit material of this fantastic sandpaper for orbital sander.

It comes with a sanding grit range starting from 60 to 200 for different surfaces. That’s why you can use this disc with your random orbital sanding device to smoothen wood, rubber, leather, plastic, stone, and glass object surfaces.

Sanding Capability

This sanding disc comes with a high range of compatibility to pair up with several sanders from different variants. In addition, you will find the aluminum oxide abrasive in this disc for faster sanding and amazing durability. There is also a stearate coating to prevent this disc from getting clogged. 

You will be able to provide smooth finishing to the object’s surfaces because of the premium resin bond system. It is a hook and loop sandpaper, which makes the replacement of the grits even easier along with expanding the abrasive life. There are eight pre-punched holes around this disc to ensure proper dust extraction after sanding.


  • The hook and loop system ensures easy grit replacement
  • Proper dust extraction through eight holes
  • Smooth surface finishing because of the premium resin bond
  • A vast range of compatible random orbital sanding machines
  • Prevention of disc clogging


  • This model is a bit older

4. Mido Professional Sanding Disc 5-Inch for Sandpaper

Best Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander

Customer reviews:

Here we have another hook and loop sanding disc to pair with your best professional orbital sander. It is also a 5-inch dimension sanding disc, and the reasons why you should use this sandpaper are:


It is the best in the business if the criteria are about the gritting range of this sanding disc. From 40 to 800, there is a total of twelve different gritting grades present in it for polishing various object surfaces. In addition, it is built with Aluminum oxide for higher adhesion and durability.

Sanding Capability

The sanding capability of this sanding disc is top-notch, which ensures the best sanding for orbital sander. You can use the pair of this sanding disc and orbital sander for polishing, weld grinding, and deburring. The working area of this disc is vast, which starts from metal, wood, rubber, leather, and plastic to stone and glass as well.

There is also a double resin bonding system in this sanding disc for enhanced performance. It prevents heat and humidity from getting the better of this disc to extend its lifespan. Even the consistent scratch pattern is also available in this sandpaper because of the open coating.

Because of the 5-inch dimension, this disc takes a bit of time to sand, but the performance coming from it is high class.


  • A vast range of twelve gritting grades starting from 40 to 800
  • The presence of the double resin bonding system
  • Suitable to perform on both metal and non-metal object surfaces
  • Even and consistent scratch pattern
  • All-round performer in polishing, weld grinding, and deburring


  • You may face some issues with the longevity of this sanding disc

5. Hook and Loop Sanding Discs Random Orbit Sandpaper

best random orbital sander

Customer reviews:

Here we have a sanding disc with fixed grit for the random orbital sanders. It comes with a 5-inch dimension, just like the other sanding discs from our list of the bests. The reasons why it deserves to pair to with your best random orbital sander are:


This 5-inch hook and loop sanding disc is produced by the brand named Aiyard. The company has built this sandpaper with a mixture of Aluminum Oxide. There are eight different holes in a roundish pattern in this sandpaper to extract the dirt during the sanding period.

You can use this sanding disc even with your best small random orbital sander to polish wood, plastic, metal, and stone.

Sanding Capability

There are fused alumina grains present in this sanding disc to enhance durability during polishing and grinding. The sharpness and efficiency of this sandpaper also improve because of it. In addition, it is water resistive, which allows you to polish the wet surfaces whenever required. 

The Velcro design on the back of this sandpaper ensures quicker and easier sandpaper installation. In addition, it helps in keeping a solid adhesion and, at the same time, avoiding it from falling off from the sander.


  • Presence of the fused alumina grain
  • Highly efficient in both polishing and grinding both metal and non-metal objects
  • Velcro design in the back of the sanding disc for quick and easy installation
  • Strong adhesion and fewer chances of getting detached from the sander
  • Eight different holes to extract the dust produced from sanding


  • No flexibility in the gritting grades as it is fixed in 220 grit

Buying Guide – Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing the Best Sanding Disc for Your Random Orbital Sander


You can’t just go into the shop and purchase sandpaper for your orbital sander. Because there is a massive chance of buying the wrong ones if you don’t have the idea about it. That’s why knowing the essential facts that make a regular sandpaper best for the orbital sanders. 

So, the things you must remember while purchasing the sandpaper or sanding disc are:

Grit Density of the Sanding Disc

Some orbital sandpaper grits cover 100% surface of the sander deck. On the other hand, some sandpaper grits come with the capability of covering 70-80% area of the deck. For the previous type, it is way easier for the sanding disc to get clogged after some days of usage.

But for the latter type, clogging and damaging are less likely to happen, which ensures an extended lifespan. At the same time, if you are sanding and polishing wood and other soft object surfaces, then the latter type of grits are more preferred. Therefore, while purchasing the orbital sanding discs, you must keep this fact in check.

Grit Grades of the Orbital Sanding Discs

Some orbital sandpapers have a vast range of gritting grades, and some have fixed grit. If you need to grind and polish objects from different surface types, it is crucial to have a vast gritting grade range. But some also want their sanding disc to come with a fixed grit.

In our list of the best sandpaper or sanding discs, we have both these types of sanding discs. So, before purchasing, all you need to do is determine which type you require and go for the one according to that.

Water Resistivity

Being water-resistive is such an essential part of the orbital sanding discs. Because you won’t always work on the dry surfaces, and sometimes, you will have to sand the wet objects. In such cases, the sandpaper will not be able to survive if it isn’t water-resistive.

That’s why an orbital sander that is capable of resisting water is a must in those conditions. Then you will be able to polish and sand those wet surfaces in the way you want. 

Attachment System of Orbital Sandpaper to the Sander

There are different attachment types of sanding discs or sandpaper to the sanding machine. If you are using a sandpaper sheet, you will have to attach it to the device with the help of a clip. But if you are using a PSA disc, you need to slap it on the backing pad of the random orbital sander.

On the other hand, the hook and loop attachment system is the best for the orbital sanders and sanding discs. Because of the tiny loops, the sanding disc will be appropriately attached to the backing pad of the sander. You just need to apply a bit of pressure on both ends to ensure a firm connection.

All the orbital sanding discs from our list come with the hook and loop attachment system. This attachment system is also crucial in removing and replacing the disc easily within a quick period. So, after purchasing a sanding disc among those, you won’t face difficulties during installation and replacement.

Keeping these factors in mind during the purchasing period will assist you in finding the best sandpaper for your best random orbital sander.

How to Attach Sandpaper in Random Orbital Sander

Attaching the sandpaper to the sander is the first task you need to perform in order to sand your metal or wooden object. But most people face difficulties in this phase if they are doing it for the first time. However, there is a proper method for pairing the right orbital sandpapers with the random orbital sander.

Improper application of that method will bring no success, let alone sand your objects. That’s why you need to follow the proper basic steps to attach the sandpaper to a random orbital sander. Those steps are: 

Step-1: Prepare your Sander and Sandpaper

The first thing you need to do is prepare your sandpaper and the random orbital sander. You will either use a circular sanding disc or just a sheet of sandpaper to pair. If it is a disc, there will be a “hook and loop” attachment system to connect with the sander.

As you will be using the random orbital sander, you need to find the perfect size of disc to fit your sander correctly. You also need to keep your focus on a certain number of holes in the disc. Because these holes are for fitting it correctly onto the sanding plate.

If your random orbital sander hasn’t been used for a long time, you also should clean it before attaching the sandpaper.

Step-2: Attach the Sandpaper to the Sander

If you are attaching a hook and loop sanding disc, you will first have to face your sander upside down. Then you will just have to place the tiny loop disc surface of the disc on the backing pad of your random orbital sander. In the end, apply pressure and press both the surfaces of the sander and sanding disc together.

You can also use a PSA sanding disc to pair with your random orbital sander. In that case, you again need to turn the disc upside down to reveal the backing pad, which should be facing up. There will be a paper or nylon liner will be attached behind the PSA sanding disc, and you need to peel that carefully.

After doing so, slap it on the sticky surface of the backing pad to pair it with the random orbital sander.

Best Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander-(FAQ)

Final Thoughts

Even the best orbital sander won’t be able to perform well if you are unable to find the right sandpaper or sanding disc. A perfect sanding disc plays the most vital role in polishing both metal and non-metal surfaces. That’s why it is crucial to find the best sandpaper for random orbital sander.

All you need to do is find the right one for your sanding machine by following the instructions above. Then just attach the sanding disc to your orbital sander, and start polishing the object surfaces.

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