Using an Orbital Sander for Furniture Refinishing & Varnishing – Is It Valid

Sanding with any specialized tool is an excellent task and can be managed by anyone. With quality base tools and sandpaper, you can re-shape or modernize the furniture swiftly and efficiently. But not all types of sanding machines are suitable for all furniture sanding purposes.

For example, a belt sander removes roughness, whereas a disk sander is available to strip paint from the furniture. But using an orbital sander for furniture refinishing has enhanced your sanding experience so far.

So in this article, we combine all the basics of an orbital sander like their working purposes, using processes, and so on. Here is a detailed look at those orbital sanders.

What Is an Orbital Sander?

Using an Orbital Sander for Furniture Refinishing

An orbital sander is a versatile tool to remove the edges from the obstacles savagely. The performance of such sanders is typically bestowed to fit out any hard surfaces. It is also compatible with socks of the old vibrating sander. Especially when you have to strip off old paints, prepare the new molds and clean up the finishing coats.

Besides, an orbital tool works to opt-out smooth, clean metals as well as composite the materials. However, most of these orbital sanders owe their versatility to their unique motion.

By circulating a sandpaper disk to spin on its bottom, these machines assume to move the pad in an oval loop. For a reason, there, you won’t find any single abrasive particles which follow the same path twice.

In short, using an orbital sander on furniture leaves a swirl-free finish over solid surface countertops. The best thing is that those tools won’t cut off much material, even if they run over surfaces more aggressively. Random orbital comes in three types: electric-powered, air-powered, and orbital floor sander.

But you should be aware of some criteria before buying any orbital sanders. Consider that you’ve purchased the proper configuration, motor, and pad size that fits your workload. Click here to check out the best 5 orbital sanders for furniture.

How to Use An Orbital Sander On Furniture

Using an Orbital Sander for Furniture Refinishing

Refinishing furniture with an orbital sander is nothing but an easy-going process. All you need to do is maintain some norms and follow some rules. As if,

  • Scrap off the old paints
  • Fill the grain
  • Applying the sanding seal
  • Smear the stain sealer
  • Apply a clear coat
  • Remove the ordinary finishes

If you don’t know how to refinish furniture using an orbital sander, just clear all the surfaces and the locality where you choose to do the job. Then go through the following steps.

Step-1: Sanding / Scrape Off Old Paints

Select the right grit sandpaper and attach them to the sander. Run the sander over the flattened surfaces and keep your hands aligned to the motion of the equipment. Finally, sand the materials until you reach the goals that you desire.

When doing furniture refinishing jobs, be aware of applying enough pressure to keep the abrasive in solid contact. Thanks to their other advantages, unlike a belt sander you can use both hands during working time. So it is too comfortable to sand any hardworking pieces with this tool.

Step-2: Fill The Grain

Next, fill the grain. It is optional. In case you have tight grain wood, then it’s ok to skip this. Unless applying the grain sealer, it is obvious that the wooden surface has a lot of grains. Afterward, apply the grain sealer with the paintbrush or a rag. Make sure the color of the strainer is similar to the wooden surfaces. Next, use a putty knife to remove the excess filler. Once it gets dry, sand the wood while going through the grain.

Step 3: Sanding Sealer

Check the surfaces to ensure it becomes dry out entirely. Next, apply the sealer there with a giant paintbrush. Let it sit and dry out for a while. Wipe away the excess using a rag.

Step 4: Stain The Wood

Do the same process that you’re applying for the sanding sealer. But keep your hand straight while using the stains to reduce the streaks.

Step 5: Clear Coating the Wood

Now take sandpaper and apply the first layer over the surfaces. Next, sand the coats using the orbital rotational motions. Then reapply the second or third layer on it. Then leave it for at least a day. It’s because the coating layer will need a minimum of 24 hours to set and cure.

It is worth mentioning that if you put too much pressure on the handgrips, a tiny swirl can occur. For this reason, make sure you have arranged the orbital sander attachments correctly.

After finishing the first portion, then moved to the next across of the surfaces. Finally, stop the tool from brushing or slapping the dust from the grit paper. And you’re all done.

What Sander to Use for Furniture (On Orbital Sander Base)

What Sander to Use for Furniture

Sanding furniture is a quick process for sanding curved wood. So here are the specific purposes of using orbital sanders on their type wise.

As we know, there are three types of orbital sander available. These are used for different purposes. As though,

1. Electric Powered Orbital Sander

As the name suggests, an electric-powered sander needs to be run by an electric current. Those are more powerful than any palm sander for furniture.

If you have to handle a larger treadmill with many sanding projects, electronic tools might be your priority. Remember any finishing sanders like an orbital or rotating sander; smooth finishing is good within a second. Hanging only the small detail sander cannot be managed, they are out. Unlike,

Sanding Metals

The electronic orbital sander is also known as the metal hand sander. They are suitable to remove old paint, stains, and rust.

Shapes The Curves

Curving chairs, tables, as well as any wooden furniture, can be shaped with this one. It has a heavy-duty profile to plain edges. An electronic power sander is an eccentric tool to smooth out rough wood. 

Air Powered Orbital Sander

An air-powered orbital sander is a good grail for DIY lovers. It is less worth-able to use in furniture refinishing jobs. Air-powered orbital sander attachments are easy to operate. Most of them come without any cord or wire. The air-compressed orbital sander is the best solution to sanding lightweight and swirl-free projects. Likewise,

Restoring A Classic

Those air-powered orbital sanders are most likely suitable for removing or restoring any old cabinets. It’s perfect for stripping old paint, refinishing from metal, and smoothing out the rough areas. Besides, the 5-6″ inches pneumatic air sander is used to smooth out the rough edges on the auto body.

Refresh Lawn Furniture

You can use those sanders to refresh your wooden lawn furniture. It is incredibly the best hand sanders for furniture of metal and wood lawn furniture season. As the air compressor or lithium battery powers the air sander. It allows more movement while working.

Doors-Doors & More

Air-compressed sander can be used for patio sanding. Changing the older kitchen interior is quite costly. In that case, you can minimize the remodeling expenditure by customizing the doors and cabins. On the contrary, don’t stop yourself in the kitchen. Use this sander for furniture of your entry doors, woodwork, and interior doors also.

2. Orbital Floor Sander

An orbital floor sander is a big champ for a new topcoat of clear finishes. It is a standard tool for sanding rectangular surfaces. Those tools will be better at getting the edges of a floor. Here are some of the advantages of this sander.

Cut Off the Edges from the Scrap Wood

To omit the edges of the scrap wood’s scuff marks, use those orbital floor sanders. Some of these tools are most reliable and well-known as the sanders furniture Gothenburg one.

It is a reliable tool to dig profound and divot impacts on surfaces. Besides, patio sanding is the ultimate approach of this sander that works better with the machine.

Sanding Flat Surfaces

This floor sander is the quietest orbital sander. So smooth and attending the wavy surfaces with this tool is outstanding.

Check this orbital sander reviews fine woodworking to know more about their working capabilities.

FAQ’s – Using an Orbital Sander for Furniture Refinishing

Final Wrap


The idea of finishing old furniture is a simultaneous plod. Yet, using an orbital sander for furniture refinishing will allow it to finish the job quickly; it requires the round abrasive paper shade to complete the surfaces without any scratch marks.

In case you’re a professional carpenter or mid-level restorer, these above steps will make the way too facile for refinishing the furniture.

Hence, you would have the expertise to balance this handheld tool. As men gain their excellence by practicing more and more, so don’t quit. Lastly, do give the best effort to sanding any rough to large areas.

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